Fantasy Football Betting Sites

Fantasy football betting sites, Fanduel is the best fantasy football betting site that offers American online sports gamblers real money daily and weekly fantasy football betting leagues. Make sure you sign up for FanDuel using a link or a banner on our site to ensure that you claim the best FanDuel fantasy football betting sites bonuses,

Fantasy Football Websites

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1. Fanduel Fantasy NFL Football Betting Fanduel Fantasy NFL Football Betting

Fanduel is the Industry leader in one-day fantasy football betting, and all fantasy sports. Fanduel has a unique salary cap; they allow their customers to pick the players the want for the day.




Fantasy Football is one of the most common pastimes amongst American sports fans. It doesn’t take a USA sports gambler to get involved with forming or joining a fantasy football league. Once you are a member of a fantasy football league, you can choose your own players and take your chance in winning real money or bragging rights. Below are fantasy football websites that accept real money USA sports bettors.

FanDuel Legal Fantasy Football Sportsbook Betting

One fantasy sports betting website that we want to point out is Fanduel. Fanduel is unique, and one-of-a-kind amongst NFL fans in The United States of America. In fact Fanduel has a lot more services that fantasy NFL, they have college football and fantasy leagues on all sports. When you sign up for Fanduel through our links or banners you can claim your welcome bonus that is good up to two hundred dollars.
Fantasy Football

Fantasy Sports Betting

The USA Internet gamblers love to participate in fantasy sports betting. The majority of our readers have accounts with multiple USA online Sportsbooks already. Some of the NFL, college football, and sports betting websites offer fantasy football like 5Dimes but most do not. If you live in The United States of America and want to bet on NFL, NCAAF, create a fantasy league, or wager on any sport take a look at 5Dimes. They are a full-service fantasy football betting website that accepts USA players. They accept credit cards and debit cards for deposits and offer quick, easy, and prompt withdrawals. Their fantasy football leagues are dynamic but if you are only looking to play fantasy football for real money you may want to stick with Fanduel.

Fanduel Fantasy NFL Football Betting

Fanduel pays out over a million dollars every month from their fantasy sports betting. They are located in The United States of America and accept USA fantasy sports gamblers. One unique feature that Fanduel fantasy football has is that you can play for one day, one week, or one month. They offer a grandiose amount of options to their customers that play free or  real money fantasy football.

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