The Jacksonville Jaguars gave away some huge opportunities last week when they played the Miami Dolphins, and although they are fully intent on not doing that again, they must accept the fact that they’re going to suffer the consequences of mistakes that are made by their rookie quarterback. That is all part of developing a signal-caller in the NFL. On Sunday the Jags, who have only one win to their credit, travel to meet the Cincinnati Bengals in football betting action that begins at 1 PM ET at Paul Brown Stadium.

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Blake Bortles was the third pick in the NFL draft, and he looked very confident in the pre-season. We are sure he has maintained that level of confidence, but he is also making some bad decisions, perhaps because he is TOO confident. Nonetheless, he has already thrown a dozen interceptions, and that puts him on track to set a rookie record that was established by Peyton Manning, who had 28 in his first season with the Indianapolis Colts. Last week Bortles had his team on the way toward the end zone, but he threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns, and that was the difference in the 27-13 defeat suffered at the hands of the Miami Dolphins.

NFL Odds at USA Sportsbooks – Bortles Tries to Throw Straight as Jags Visit Bengals

NFL Odds at USA Sportsbooks - Bortles Tries to Throw Straight as Jags Visit Bengals

Will he have better luck this week?

In the NFL football betting odds that have been established at BetAnySports, the Bengals are double-digit favorites:

NFL Sportsbook Betting Odds Courtesy Of BetAnySports USA Friendly Asian Bookies Online

Cincinnati Bengals -10.5
Jacksonville Jaguars +10.5

Over 44 points -110
Under 44 points -110

One thing we have learned is that there is a fine line between being just a quarterback who is feeling his way around and still developing and one that is chastised for failure, like Geno Smith. It is imperative that Bortles show some progress in terms of getting his team into the end zone for touchdowns. There is no doubt that he will be swinging to the end, but will all that stuff be in “garbage time”?

Some help for him has come aboard lately. For a while, Jacksonville really didn’t have anyone in the backfield who could gain any yards. Well, Toby Gerhart is available for action, but he wasn’t getting the job done. Denard Robinson has made the most of his chance with an average of 4.8 yards per attempt. If you recall, Robinson was the former quarterback at Michigan who was converted to an all-purpose player and finally to a running back.

BetAnySports Asian Sportsbooks betting customers know that the Jaguars have to get some pressure on Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati quarterback. But Dalton has been one of the most protected passers in the NFL, having been sacked only seven times in seven games. Good news is on the way for Dalton, or at least those are the reports as gametime approaches, as AJ Green, the Pro Bowl wide receiver, is expected to be in the lineup. Dalton has made for profitable combination with Mohamed Sanu (35 catches, 533 yards) in Green’s absence, so the Bengals can count on dealing up a dose of double trouble to their opponents.

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