Charles Jay and GetThatBet Say, “We Bet You Haven’t Seen THESE Super Bowl Props”

The innovative sports book GetThatBet is ready to become known as a location where enthusiastic, fun-loving sports book customers can wager on things they can’t find anywhere else. These props come courtesy of Charles Jay, who has constructed creative odds and props for sportsbooks and media outlets for over 20 years. He’s got his own list of Super Bowl props that you won’t be able to find elsewhere during this prop-crazy week. Well, he may just be out-crazy-ing the “craziest.”. Contact GetThatBet directly to get in on the action.

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Here is the list of Charles Jay’s Crazy, Wacky Props for Super Bowl 48:

Wacky Props for Super Bowl 48 Courtesy of GetThatBET

Wager on them at Get That Bet by contacting customer service: Limits apply.

* “MILEY’S GOT MILEAGE” prop — Miley Cyrus marries a member of either Broncos or Seahawks before game, divorces him by halftime: 50,000 / 1
* “BUNNY RANCH” prop — Instead of saying “I’m going to Disney World,” winning player says “I’m going to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch”: 69 / 1
* “I’M A LUMBERJACK” prop — Bruno Mars performs cover of Monty Python’s “I’m a Lumberjack” at halftime: 1000 / 1
* “NO MARS LANDING” prop — Bruno Mars refuses to come out of his dressing room to perform at halftime: 5000 / 1
* “HEIDI” prop: The movie “Heidi” interrupts network feed with less than two minutes to go: 500 / 1
* “BENCHWARMER” prop — Backup quarterbacks both start the second half: 400 / 1
* “7 AGAIN” prop — John Elway comes out of the front office to substitute for an injured Peyton Manning, leads team to win: 50,000 / 1
* “98-99” prop — There will be a 98-yard punt and a 99-yard play from scrimmage: 10,000 / 1
* “SAFETY WINS” prop — The game goes into overtime, and a safety (the 2-pt. variety) wins it: 250 / 1
* “SAFETY-FIRST” prop — A safety will be the first score of the game: 50 / 1
* “GATORADE LOSER” prop — Coach gets a Gatorade shower, then loses game: 1000 / 1
* “CONSOLATION PRIZE” prop — MVP comes from the losing team: 60 / 1
* “ICE ICE, BABY” prop — A team calls a timeout to ice the kicker where it actually works: 7 / 5
* “ICE, ICE, ICE, ICE BABY” prop — Kicker literally freezes to death during timeout: 8000 / 1
* “48 IN 48” prop — One team scores 48 points in Super Bowl 48: 47/1

…and perhaps Jay’s personal favorite:

* “MONOWI” prop — Peyton Manning not only barks out “Omaha” (Nebraska’s largest city) at the line of scrimmage, but also “Monowi,” to honor Nebraska’s smallest town, with a population of exactly 1: 50,000 / 1

Get ready, get set…….Get That Bet!!

Charles Jay

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CHARLES JAY grew up around the gaming business, was raised in the boxing business, and along the way has developed a colorful background through a wide range of experiences. Jay was a veteran of almost two decades actively in the boxing industry, as a writer, publicist, matchmaker, booking agent, manager, and promoter. He was engaged as editorial consultant for USA Network's "Tuesday Night Fights" for seven years, and also did some on-air work for USA. He also served as color commentator for, among others, Sunshine Network and Prime Network, and has called more than a dozen world championship fights for national and/or international television. He has been the host of numerous radio programs, including "Sportswatch with Charles Jay" on KDWN in Las Vegas, "Total Action" on WAXY 790 in Miami, and "Charles Jay's Winning Edge", syndicated into 55 markets by the American Radio Networks. For the past 20 years, he has been a professional sports handicapper, and as a consultant to the casino industry from 1993-95, helped to launch Casino Magic in Mississippi as a major venue for sports promotions. Also, he's been a casino/sports gaming columnist for a number of leading publications, including Sports Form, Casino Player, Card Player, and The Gambler. In the 2000's, he became widely known as one of the world's leading proponents and experts on the subject of boxing reform, having been asked to appear on numerous panels and speak at officials' seminars. He was the author of "Operation Cleanup" and "Operation Cleanup 2: Unfinished Business" - two critically-acclaimed e-books that represent arguably the most comprehensive and in-depth examination of boxing reform issues ever put into publication. In 2004 he published a third electronic book - "Body Shots: Outside the Ring and Inside the Game of Pro Boxing". In 2003 he was the recipient of the "Dignity" Award, in the category of "Best Sports Writer," as bestowed by the Retired Boxers Foundation.

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