Super Bowl Betting — Does Russell Wilson Have Enough of Everything to Get the Job Done?

Most Super Bowl bettors who are ready to place wagers on the Big game have a pretty good idea of what to expect out of Peyton Manning, who set one-season records for most passing yards and most passing touchdowns this year. They know he’s not going to be shut down completely, although the Seahawks certainly hope to slow him down a bit or put some clock-consuming drives together to keep him off the field.
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What some of these NFL bettors DON’T really know for sure is how Seattle’s second-year quarterback, Russell Wilson, is going to deal with the pressure and the conditions. No one is expecting him to completely collapse, but the general consensus is that if Manning has a good day, Wilson will have to be able to trade points to a certain extent in order to keep the Seahawks in the game.

In the Super Bowl betting odds that have been posted at BetAnySports on this game, the Denver Broncos are favored over Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks:

Super Bowl betting odds Courtesy of BetAnySports

Denver Broncos -2.5
Seattle Seahawks +2.5

Over 47.5 points -110
Under 47.5 points -110

No one is going to confuse Wilson with Peyton Manning in terms of arm strength. In fact, that was the knock on Wilson when he was coming out of college, in addition to the fact that he was judged to be “too short.” But he has proven to be a winner, and very resourceful. And his statistics are not all that bad either; as football bettors have seen, he is very efficient throwing the ball and can get it down field, to the tune of 8.2 yards per attempt. Wilson has been accurate on 63% of his throws, with 26 touchdowns and only nine interceptions. Those are very good numbers, no matter house short or tall a quarterback is.

There is also no ignoring the fact that Wilson can run with the ball. He has 539 yards to his credit this season, and there is no question that he can make something out of a broken play. He has also been able to buy time to find receivers on many occasions. He was very mature when he came into the league, having already served a stint in minor-league baseball, and after he was finished at North Carolina State (the coach told him he couldn’t play baseball and football the same time), he transferred to Wisconsin as a graduate student. You only have to listen to him to understand that he has a very intelligent view of the game. And this should not be lost on BetAnySports patrons who are engaged in Super Bowl betting.


Wilson said a league record this season as he has won 24 regular-season games as a starting quarterback in his first two seasons. That doesn’t get done by accident. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a team with a terrific defense and a very good running game to support you. Wilson has certainly been a beneficiary of this. But it would be hard to imagine somebody like Matt Flynn – who he beat out for the quarterback job last year – leading Seattle to the Super Bowl.

At the same time, as NFL bettors know, becoming a full-fledged NFL quarterback is a process. And there are parts of that process Wilson has had some difficulty with. For someone with his degree of mobility, to sustain 51 sacks, which represents one for every 8.8 passing attempts, is very excessive. There are many plays in which he has been unable to make a quick decision. The Denver defense, which has 41 sacks on the year, may be able to get to him enough that he will have a hard time compensating. And if the wind becomes a factor, he probably won’t be able to get the ball down the field the way would like. Consider that if you are looking for Super Bowl betting factors.

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